House Rules

House Rules

This is a pretty rules-lite game; I’m not gonna enforce bullshit in favor of fun. If you have questions, bring them to me and we’ll work it out. I’ll update these as we go, but we will start with rules for…

Character Creation.

1. You may choose any Pathfinder class or class combo, though don’t be a dick. No triple multiclass to start and all that. You start at level 5, total. You may also choose any of the standard races, or talk to me about working out the stats for a nonstandard; I have the Advanced Race Guide, so I can help make Lizardfolk characters and such. All your handy-dandy character creation information can be found here:

2. Like I said, you start at level 5. This means you get all of your classes’ bonuses up to that point, plus the skill points you would earn up to that point, along with three feats and an extra ability point as any character at level 5 would have.

3. Speaking of ability points, we’re doing a special variation on point-buy. That means that all of your stats start out at 10 (which means all modifiers start at 0), and your modifiers should add up to +10 before you apply racial traits. No modifier may start higher than +4 (18), and only one of your stats can start at +4 (18), AFTER character creation. Don’t be a min-maxer. It’s dickish. Remember that there ARE consequences to low Charisma, especially for PC monsters.

4. Calculating HP! Pathfinder tends to give you some low HP, especially for squishy mage classes, so just to beef you up a little, at character creation, roll your hit dice and add your con modifier for each level. If your hit die comes up lower than half its max value, take half— so if your hit die is d8 and you roll a 2, take 4 instead. Every level thereafter, your HP will be calculated by half your hit die (so 4 on a d8) plus your con modifier.

5. Feats/spells can be taken from all of the books available on the site, but make sure you qualify for them.

6. Skills! This is important. You get a certain number of skill points per level, based on your class and your Int modifier. You start with five levels’ worth, of course, and they can be distributed across your skills to match your characters’ abilities as you see fit— but you can only put as many ranks into a single skill as you have levels, so at level 5, you cannot put more than five ranks into any one skill. Additionally, you’ll notice that each class has a set of favored skills— you get 3 points in each of these for free, so make sure you check the boxes next to your class skills, and put any skill points you get from racial traits or feats into the Misc. section. These don’t count toward the level limit, which is why, for example, Ganon has 8 miscellaneous points in Swim at level 6.

Also note that you may choose a focus for your Craft and Profession skills. These are wide open, and some crafts or professions can apply in a number of situations! Professions can also act like a more specific focus that another skill could cover; if you can apply your Professional skill in a situation where Acrobatics would otherwise cover it, for example, you will get a lower DC, which means a higher chance of success. Only one each of Craft, Perform, and Profession count as Class skills, though you can have multiples of each.

7. Favored Class bonus! Almost forgot about this one: When you begin, choose a favored class. Every level you take in your favored class, including your starting five levels, will give you +1 HP or +1 skill point, your choice. Alternatively, your race and favored class may offer you a special bonus you could take instead, so check on that! Once you choose for each level, you cannot change it.

8. If you’re not sure, ask me. Weapons shouldn’t be an issue, but if you wanna buy or craft something better, make sure it’s cool by me, because we don’t need a broken start. Keep in mind this is a learning experience for me, too, so please bear with me!

House Rules

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