a dragonbone greatsword with draconic runes inscribed upon it

weapon (melee)

martial weapon
damage: 2d6+str
masterwork: +1 on attack rolls
+1: +1 on attack rolls and damage rolls
dragonbane: against dragons, counts as +2 higher and deals an additional 2d6 damage
dragonbone: treated as nonmetal adamant, ignores most hardness
shock: deals an extra 1d6 electricity damage

The greatsword used by Rhana the Red. It’s a deadly weapon in anyone’s hands, but in hers it seems to really sing. Woe be the dragon who ends up on the receiving end of this weapon.

Recently upgraded in a joint effort of Rhana and the legendary blacksmith Oradas, the weapon was forged anew with a deadly blade of dragonbone and a core of adamant. Its name strikes fear into the hearts of any dragons who seek to prey where Rhana is hunting.

Across the blade is this inscription: STRUN DOV AL
Strundoval inscription


In orc culture, the social placement of a weapon is of paramount importance. A weapon as a gift is either a carefully placed insult or the greatest of honors. The weapon was made by the orc warlord Garantak as an engagement present for his future son-in-law, Joshua the Bloodless, an insult to imply that the half-human barbarian couldn’t defend himself without his father’s protection.
Joshua took the blade and used it to kill an ancient dragon, and brought back the head as a thank-you. Garantak immediately rescinded the insult and had the weapon forged with runes in draconic in honor of his son-in-law’s accomplishment, and Joshua married Taklen within a month.
When their daughter, Rhana, was sent to live with her father, Joshua gave her the sword, not as a sign that she needed her father’s protection, but as a sign that she would always carry her mother’s might and her father’s honor everywhere she went.

When Rhana helped slay a dragon, she claimed parts of its body as loot, and was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with the legendary blacksmith Oradas Kaagra, inventor of the Oradas fold, a smithing technique. The weapon was given a brand-new core and edge, hammering fresh dragonbones with a core of rare adamant to create an edge of terrifying sharpness. Rhana, of course, loves the power of the weapon, but having her family sword also be an Oradas original is like a dream come true.


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